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「iPad用HTML5ゲームを作り公開する – PART 3」



A bit late on the roadmap due to an hard disk failure, here comes the third episode of the saga. This time I’m going to show you a quick screencast and you’ll finally discover what the game will be about.



Last week, following to an unfortunate series of events, I lost both the development version and the backup files of the graphics for the game.

コード自体は大丈夫、私は地球上にある複数レポジトリ複数のコピーを持っています。その代わり、2,3ギガ以上のファイルは「たった」2箇所にしか保存していません…そのうち1つはRAID1 NAS。でも、この世ってやつは強烈なユーモアのセンスを持っていて、仕事のバックアップコピーについて安全だと間違った感覚を持つことよりも悪いことはありません。

The code itself is safe, I have multiple copies on multiple repositories spread all over the globe. I keep files bigger than a couple of gigas on “just” two locations instead… one of them being a RAID1 NAS. But life has a vivid sense of humor and there’s nothing worst than a false sense of safety regarding backup copies of your work.

話せば長くなりますが手短かに言うと、「外部ハードディクを信用するな。」Time MachineはHDと同じぐらいフェイルセーフです。(つまり、全く安全ではありません。)同じことがDropboxやほとんどのクラウドサービスにも言えます。

To make a long story short: don’t trust your external hard drive. Time Machine is as fail safe as your HD (ie: not safe at all). The same goes for DropBox and most cloud services.

私の提案は、RAID1 NASから始めること、そして同じファイルの複数のコピーも取ることです。それから地理的な冗長性をサポートするオンラインバックアップサービスを探してください。(私はrsync.netを選択しました。)

My suggestion is to start from a RAID1 NAS, and make multiple copies of the same file too. Then search an online backup service that supports geographic redundancy (my weapon of choice is rsync.net).


Anyway I had to start the design from scratch and not so surprisingly it came up much better than the first version. If you have time, when you find the design you like, close it and redo it from blank page, the new version will be noticeably better.



Sorry for the rant. Here below the long awaited sneak preview of the game in all its alpha stage glory. Please remember that it’s all CSS/JS, no canvas has been harmed!


The goal is to compose words tapping adjacent tiles. Of course you’ll also have bonus tiles granting you more points and “special abilities” just to spice up the gameplay. To add some variety every 3 levels you’ll end up in a bonus stage, a mini-game where you’ll be asked to find the more words possible given a set of 8 letters (kinda Scrabblish).


That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Hope you’ll like it.



If you like the scoreboard you’ll be happy to know that I’m giving it away for free. It’s a very simple dependency-free javascript library called jsOdometer. You find it on github and you can see a live demo here (works on Chrome too).


If you need it bigger you’ll probably have to change the translateZ() value in the odometer.js file at line 21.


Admittedly it is in beta stage and some more work is needed to make it rock solid, but still better than programming it from scratch.

iPad 表示


It seems that the iPad display is a bit over-saturated, especially in the red-orange spectrum. That nice wooden texture you see in the demo turns into a distracting red background on the real device. Remember to desaturate by 8-10% your reds before deploying to iPad.



Working with sound and music is a mess for so many reasons.


First of all, the iPad speaker sucks. It is especially bad at sound effects. Always choose clear, simple, short and with few basses effects. I’ve tried dozens files before finding the ones that don’t sound like a drunk squirrel.

二番目に、WebViewラッパのネイティブコードが遅い。音声が実際に再生される前に100-200ms掛かります。これはゲームには無限に長い時間です。それだけでなくこの時間枠の間、インターフェースが遅延します。PhoneGapは素晴らしいMedia APIを提供してくれますが、遅延を減らすには頭を使わないといけません。(完全に取り除けるわけではありません。)

Secondly, the native code to WebView wrapper is slow. It takes 100-200ms before the sound is actually played, an infinitely long time for a game. Not only that, the interface lags during this timeframe. PhoneGap provides the great Media API but to reduce (but not completely remove) the lag you have to be smart.

再生 > 停止 > 再生のシークエンスはデバイスが扱うには大変過ぎることに気づきました。BGMには機能しますが、1分間に複数回再生する必要のあるサウンドエフェクトではうまく機能しません。解はオーディオファイルを決して停止しないことです。

I noticed that the play > stop > play sequence is too much to handle for the device. It works for background music, but not for sound effects that need to be played multiple times per minute. The solution is to never stop the audio file.


Build an “audio sprite” file. Merge together all your sound effects into a single file and add one second of silence at the end of each effect and at the beginning of the file.


At startup play the sound file and immediately pause it (it’s not a stop! Just a pause). When you need a sound you have to position the audio “head” at the beginning of the needed sound with seekTo(ms) first, then when the sound is played you pause it again. The audio file is basically never stopped.


The following is a quick and dirty example of how your sound function might look like:

var sound = (function () {
	var hasSound = false,


	function init () {
		hasSound = 'Media' in window;

		fx = new Media('audio/fx.m4a');


	function seekPlay (from, to) {
		if (!hasSound) return;


		to = to || 500;


		fxTimer = setTimeout(function () {
		}, to);

	function boom () {

	function clank () {

	function kapow () {

	return {
		init: init,
		boom: boom,
		clank: clank,
		kapow: kapow,


At this point you can call sound.boom() and your code should take care of everything.


The interface is still plagued by a small lag each time you play an effect. The solution this time is to defer the call to the sound function.

setTimeout(function() { sound.boom(); }, 0);


Forcing the browser repaint with the element.offsetHeight trick also seems to work. I’m not completely satisfied by the audio performance on the original iPad (iPad2 is good enough) and I will surely spend more time on this topic later when the game logic will be completed.



If like me you can’t say the difference between a piano and a cello you are pretty much forced to look for a soundtrack on one of the many royalty free music sites around. Read the license agreement carefully, there are many limitations in score usage.

とてもいいリソースはPremiumbeat, Neosounds, Soundrangersです。

Very good resources are Premiumbeat, Neosounds and Soundrangers.


Remember that you have to take the KB count as low as possible, so try to pick a short loopable track.